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Are you a big fan of React, and want to know more about Reason/OCaml? I made this for you!

This tutorial was updated on Nov 8, 2017 for the new "v3" syntax of Reason.

Reason is a project that adds a JavaScript-style syntax and a bunch of conventions and tooling to OCaml. The goal is to make this awesome language, with its powerful type system and robust multi-platform compiler, accessible to a broader audience. It's backed by the good folks at Facebook who invented and built React, and so naturally having best-in-class React interop has been a high priority.

This tutorial aims to give you a nice introduction to the syntax and type system of Reason, through the ReasonReact library. We'll be building a simple Todo list application.

The perceptron is one of the most primitive learners, and is also of the easier ones to understand intuitively. I’ll first give some background, and then an animation in javascript with 2D data, and an implementation in python, with graphs of it running on some traditional datasets.