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Are you a big fan of React, and want to know more about Reason/OCaml? I made this for you!

Reason is a project that adds a JavaScript-style syntax and a bunch of conventions and tooling to OCaml. The goal is to make this awesome language, with its powerful type system and robust multi-platform compiler, accessible to a broader audience. It's backed by the good folks at Facebook who invented and built React, and so naturally having best-in-class React interop has been a high priority.

This tutorial aims to give you a nice introduction to the syntax and type system of Reason, through the ReasonReact library. We'll be building a simple Todo list application.

Reactive Programming is getting a lot of attention these days, and it promises to reduce frustration, bugs, and greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, there’s a sizeable learning curve involved while you try and get your head to think in streams instead of imperative sequential processes.