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For the web-based everything notebook that I’m working on, I’ve been writing backend hookups to various programming REPLs, including IPython and Gorilla. I wanted to be able to evaluate rust code as well in this notebook environment, and so I set about writing a simple server that would compile up a string in rust when asked. This proved do have a couple of gotchas, so I thought I’d air my thoughts here.

Go and Rust seem like natural competitors. They are both trying the role of a C-like low-level language with modern affordances, safety, and nice, clean concurrency. And they’re each backed by a major player in the browser race - go by Google, rust by Mozilla.

A while ago, I made a cellular automata simulator in Go, inspired by this video about a “rock, paper, scissors” simulation, where there are three “species” of cells which consume each other.

Last week I rewrote this in Rust