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Are you a big fan of React, and want to know more about Reason/OCaml? I made this for you!

Reason is a project that adds a JavaScript-style syntax and a bunch of conventions and tooling to OCaml. The goal is to make this awesome language, with its powerful type system and robust multi-platform compiler, accessible to a broader audience. It's backed by the good folks at Facebook who invented and built React, and so naturally having best-in-class React interop has been a high priority.

This tutorial aims to give you a nice introduction to the syntax and type system of Reason, through the ReasonReact library. We'll be building a simple Todo list application.

Someone came into our discord channel a few days ago asking “Is Reason suitable for migrating a large production JavaScript codebase incrementally?” I answered “Yes, but wait 6 months.”

What’s the current status? At the moment, we’re mostly in the realm of “enthusiasts who are OK with being on the bleeding edge, and want to help build out the foundation in their spare time.”