The Hexo static blogging engine gets an admin UI


I recently switched from ghost to hexo, and the biggest thing missing for me was the editor interface. So I made one. Currently, it's mostly a clone of the Ghost interface, but I have some ideas for making it even more awesome.

Get the source code, or npm install --save hexo-admin-plugin to get this goodness for your hexo blog. Note: There is no security, so don't use this plugin on a public-facing server. Access @ http://localhost:4000/admin/

I've also put together an online demo that's not connected to a backend - most operations should work, but nothing persists.

Instructions & Quickstart on the website.

Posts overview

posts view

Editor view

editor view


  • side-by-side markdown editing
  • auto-save posts
  • paste to insert an image
  • publish/unpublish

Missing features (which you can still do just fine w/ the raw files):

  • edit categories & tags
  • edit publish date/time
  • edit slug

Future awesome:

  • drag & drop to insert a picture or file
  • autocomplete for linking to other posts
  • git commit from the UI?