Adam's hair
is clean
Eve is
suitably bedraggled
created as she was
from the man's rib,
but Adam, freshly formed
from the mud and spit of God
is clean, as no baby every born was
his hair, a perfect wave, conditioned
and pains-takingly blow-dried

In the dreary world,
Eve, again, has the decency
to avoid looking like a shampoo commercial
but Adam's hair
is clean
the sweat of his brow
never makes it past the hairline
his almost plastic ken-doll hair
stubbornly refusing to be ruffled by the wind

In our vision
of the birth
of mankind
we skip the birth
the after-birth
the first washing
(who cleaned the blood
from his face
and hair?)
skip straight to the photo-op
and thereafter, always
have a stylist on hand