Jesus wants me for a petty tyrant
to rule and reign
in Israel's house

See, he's got all these kingdoms
and he's doling them out
to good men, like I hope to be
who'll establish just laws
and mete righteous judgement
or whatever it is
that kings do

fairy tales tell me
that kings are bad news
absentee fathers
waging war
commanding subjects
levying taxes

US history tells me
that kings are to be resisted
or better, overthrown
that, though an executive might be useful
for snap decisions in high-stakes situations
legislation is not to be entrusted
to an individual

the Old Testament tells me
that even the Best King™
lost it all and more
succumbed to the lure
of power over others
lived to see even his family
turn against him

now forgive me for trying
to improve on Jesus
but I'd like to imagine
a post-feudal heaven

a heaven without dominions
or compulsory means