Alchemy of peace


The three seconds
between the right cheek
and the left
are where the kingdom is built

do we succumb to natural fermentation
sweet righteous indignation
to intoxicating anger
to ascerbic disdain
bitter on the lips
as it spews forth

or, do we allow
alchemic grace
to ask “what good
is needed, here”
returning good for good
and good for evil
transmuting affront,
affliction, pain
to beauty

If we do not transform our pain, we will most assuredly transmit it
-- Richard Rohr

Inspired by Brene Brown's "Rising Strong", where she talks about indentifying when we're in an emotional reactive frame & working through it so we don't respond reactively. Also by Adam Miller's "Original Grace", where he asks the question "what good is needed here", and points out that Christ's instruction is that we return good for good, and good for evil. Also by Richard Rohr's teachings on transforming pain.