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Treed is undergoing a massive rewrite in React.js, in conjunction with the development of an exciting new web repl browser-based notebook (alpha preview). Enter your email here to get notified when it's ready (and documented!) for you to use in your projects. And yes, I hate spam.


Powerful Tree Editor

Action Bindings
Navigationarrow keys, hjkl
Indent/Dedenttab, shift tab
Collapse/Expandalt + left/right
alt + h/l
z (toggle)
Undo/Redoctrl + z, ctrl + shift + z, u, R
Move Nodectrl + alt + arrow / hjkl
Edit modereturn, f2, a, A, i, I
Normal Modeescape
Toggle Donectrl + return
New Nodeo, O (before)
return (in insert mode)
Cut/Copy/Pastectrl + x / delete, ctrl + c, ctrl + v

Here is an example of a treed instance hooked up to a d3 tree viewer. The d3 code is adapted from this example by mbostock.

Other Demos