A component that loads other components based on dom nodes

kinda like pyjamas, but quicker, cleaner, and easier. has the goal of generating readable, usable *robust* javascript code from python code

A hyde version of jaredforsyth.com

A succinct, pythonic parser + translator solution

A plugin for VIM that creates an Integrated Debugging Environment :) Currently works with PHP and Python

A fork of Activestate's PyDBGp server

The "Zen photon garden", an HTML5 raytracing art-toy.

Dropdowns specifically with jQuery Hover-intent

All your mind. All your notes.

An app to keep track of all of your projects -- for use on a personal site

A complete rewrite of clevercss, utilizing the codetalker library

A reusable django app to add an AJAX "feedback" tab to your site

A Python Static Website Generator

A unified settings system for reusable django apps

this stress tests a test suite by changing code to see what breaks :)

Project Mananger

python build jelly - a simple, extensible pythonic build framework

A small script for finding dependencies in a project

The docs I wish I had while learning Coq

BYU GPA What-If Calculator

I occasionally do benchmarks; here's the code I use to do them.

A tool for migrating a blog from drupal to django; supports nodes, users, redirects, and more

A go version of pm

a small app providing a colorpicker field for django

I've moved development to http://github.com/jabapyth/clevercss2

repository for my website

A grading system for Software Foundations

the free open-source game creator by scirra

Adding an extensible "test" command to distutils

A small, fast css parser in python that utilizes the codetalker library

A game based on babysmash, for occupying small children at the computer

AdminBundle - The missing Symfony2 Admin Generator

A simple library for handling @registration of functions

Project has been moved to http://github.com/jabapyth/vim-debug

A library for enabling the easy and intuitive creating of RESTful services in django

DOM-less simple JavaScript testing framework

A tool for blogging from the command line =) and doing many django/admin type stuff from the console

a git clone of the sourceforge repo @ https://pyjamas.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/pyjamas

an app to provide intuitive, easy to integrate photo + gallery capabilities to your models

a javascript snake game