CodeTalker doubles in speed

Just when you though codetalker couldn’t get any faster, I managed to double its speed.

in case anyone’s wondering, the binary around the logo corresponds to the ascii string “codetalker”

I’ve put together some updated graphs, for JSON and CSS parsing…

[live graph]

Ad-hoc json parsing:

  • stdlib.json
  • python-json
  • cjson

Parser-generator parsing:

  • codetalker
  • ply
  • pyparsing
  • funcparserlib

As you can see, codetalker is now beating python’s stdlib.json, and is way ahead of the other ‘parser generator’ solutions. And for lines of code (and maintainability, and speed of coding, etc.) codetalker is really the way to go (especially when speed is thrown into the mix).

[live graph].

Not that there was much competition in the first place, but codetalker is now 10x faster than cssutils and 7x faster than css_py.

I think I’m done optimizing for now =)

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